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PUBG is getting a new version for low-end PCs “PUBG Lite”

PUBG Lite 

Your favorite game PUBG is getting the new version for low-end devices the “PUBG Lite”. PUBG lite is currently in beta version and available only in Thailand so if you wanna to test the beta version of PUBG Lite you should connect VPN with Thailand and enjoy the new PUBG Lite beta version.

The PUBG Lite version has been officially announced by PUBG Corp. Here’s the official statement by PUBG Crop on Lite version:

Pyers in areas where the core game’s required specifications are more difficult to achieve due to the hardware available

So according to the above statement by PUBG Corp the PUBG Lite may not be released worldwide and will be only for specific countries.

The PUBG lite will have following features:
  • The new Erangel map
  • Facilitates Solo/Duo/Squad play options
  • Is free-to-play
PUBG Lite system requirement is very low and can run on Intel i3 processor requirement and a minimum of 4 GB RAM with only 4GB hard disk drive wao that’s great news. If we compare this with PUBG official game the PUBG official requires intel i5 with 8GB Ram and 2GB VRAM with 30 GB hard disk drive space.

 One of Fortnite’s huge leeway is its low illustrations necessities. In spite of the fact that it comes at the expense of making the amusement look silly. PUBG, then again, offers a progressively reasonable view, in any case, that outcomes in poor framerates, even on top of the line machines. It isn’t generally the situation that sensible designs will have poor framerates. Be that as it may, it relies upon which motor is utilized to make the diversion and how advanced it is.

Moreover, Fortnite is likewise allowed to play, not at all like the PC variant of PUBG. Clearly, individuals wishing to experiment with the Battle Royale classification will go for Fortnite. With PUBG Lite, Tencent recreations are appearing to be identical. It is the discretionary restorative buys that have gotten Epic up to an expected $2.4 billion. PUBG isn’t a long ways behind with $1 billion in incomes since dispatch. Notwithstanding, it must be maddening for the PUBG designers considering PUBG was discharged before Fortnite.

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