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A Love Revolution – Rosie Gabrielle


Let’s start by making a daily practice. Instead of seeing someone on the street, and instinctively labeling them as a “stranger”. Try to open your heart to them. Honor, respect them, and start to view them as; someone else’s child, someone’s soulmate, or someone else’s hero. Don’t withhold your greatest qualities from recognizing the greatest qualities in others. Before you leave the house, set the intention that says; I’m going to honor the Divinity in every person I meet, and I’m going to at least smile and relate to them as someone else’s son or daughter, someone’s Soulmate or hero. I’m going to acknowledge their light just by knowing that.

When we don’t walk around with intention, we get sucked into reflecting people’s own self-image. Without this intention, your lack of intention is going to be attracted to someone Who equally has a lack of intention, and you’re going to wind up perceiving them as a reflection of how they see themselves. And then you’re going to think that you just judged that person. How they see themselves is just a recording of how others have seen them in their lives.

When we are a part of the love revolution, we’re literally Helping energetically to break the inner cycle of self-judgment, and of course breaking the cycle of abuse, by not reflecting other people their own misperceptions of self-image. Because we’re too busy engaging in the act of intention. Too busy looking for those beautiful qualities in someone. That at least in your presence they will have a momentary break from their own inner doubt and judgment. And the more time you spend in seeing other people from this perspective, the more you are gifted with the beauty of an open heart. Which will allow you to give and receive love at the same level that you desire change in your life? Our hearts beat in all bodies.

The more you love yourself, the more others remember how worthy they are. The more you love yourself, the more likely you are to honor that light in others. And through the laws of unity consciousness, the more you practice that each day the more you will be fulfilled. And you will realize- Love is the only way ❤️

Source: Rosie Gabrielle Facebook Page.

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