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After USA ban Huawei is has lost access to all the upcoming updates to Google-owned version of the open-source Android OS including the new version of Android “Android Q” So Huawei has decided to launch its own operating system.

Huawei’s Consumer Business CEO Richard Yu told CNBC:

Huawei will launch its own mobile operating system as early as this autumn – cutting its reliance on Google’s hugely-successful Android OS entirely.

Huawei’s operating system will be launched first in China and will be available worldwide in early 2020 the consumer CEO Richard Yu revealed.

 Be that as it may, it’s vague whether Huawei directions enough brand-dependability to persuade clients to move over to its very own OS – losing access to their most loved applications, just as any nature with the OS all the while.

Huawei has insisted that its own operating system would only roll-out if the company is permanently blocked from using Google products.

Richard Yu told CNBC:

We don’t want to do this but we will forced to do that because of the U.S. government. I think the U.S., this kind of thing, will also not only be bad news for us, but also bad news for the U.S. companies because we support the U.S. business, so we will be forced to do this on our own,We don’t want to do this but we have no other solution, no other choice.

The release date for the Huawei OS is intriguing since this is normally when the organization declares its most recent flagship smartphone The Huawei Mate series. Huawei is generally expected to make a big appearance its Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro this harvest time. All things considered, these could be the first to run an entirely new OS.

According to sources the Huawei Mate 30 series might come with Huawei’s owned Operating System.