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Must Have SEO Settings For Blogger

SEO Settings For Blogger

Previously we shared complete SEO guide for beginners to expert and today I’m going to share must have SEO settings in your Blogger blog. These settings can rank your blog on the top page of Google if you followed completely. If you are new to SEO then I recommend you before reading this post you should have to check our SEO Segment for understanding search engine optimization.

SEO Settings In Blogger

1. Basic SEO Settings in Blogger:

Choose the title of your topic on which you want to start blogging and then write a description about your blog it will help Google to understand the category of your blog:
Go to settings click on basic settings and then write your title and description as an image showing below:

2. HTTPS Redirect:

You should have to on HTTPS for the security of your blog and redirect blog.

Check image for reference:

3.  Enable Meta Tag Search Description:

This is very important settings for search engine optimization and helps users choose to click on your blog in search results by writing a compelling summary of what your blog is all about.

Check image for reference:

4. Enable Custom Robots Text:

The robots find your post and pages where you put into your site


User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /


Check image for reference.

5. Enable Custom Robots Header Tags:

This is for homepage, search pages, posts and page pages indexing.
Set your according to below image:

So the above settings are basic settings for SEO and can rank your pages to top on Google search page in next post we will discuss about advanced SEO settings for blogger please let us know have you set your bog according to above settings and what is index result of your blog after trying this.

  1. Thanks sharing for this helpful SEO settings for blogger

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    Great tips about blogger SEO my blog now has ranked on Google after implementing above settings

  3. Thanks for sharing this SEO settings for blogger I've implemented all.

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