Pakistan to launch electric-powered bikes & rickshaws

Ministry of science introduced electric-powered bikes & rikshaws accorss the country. These vehicles will operate on rechargeable batteries and won’t use any fossil fuel.
While visiting the Pak­istan Council for Renewable Energy and Technologies on Saturday, he test drove a battery-powered motorbike and a rickshaw. According to the minister, these electronic vehicles will help conserve energy and safeguard the environment.
He added that the battery-powered vehicles are the future of transportation and would help transform Pakistan into one of the biggest markets for motorcycles and rickshaws.
He explained that the government was hoping to cut the dependency on petroleum products with the conversion of transport into electronic technology. He said, “Use of electronic vehicles will reduce carbon emissions in the environment.”

The minister also announced that his ministry will be launching a bottled water brand that will be supplied to the government office during the first phase. He said it would be named ‘Safe Drinking Water’ and will be an inexpensive option to other mineral water brands in the market.
Early last month, the Pakistan Council for Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) informed a parliamentary committee that all companies making bottled water in Pakistan were selling “artificial” water and not natural water.
The PCRWR, a lead research organization working under the Ministry of Science and Technology, stated that bottled water companies working in other countries weren’t allowed to sell “artificial” water to its people.
The Minister expressed hope that with the introduction of cheaper and safer drinking water his ministry would devise a project that would solve the issue of potable water.

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