Earn 2 Crores By Selling Your Picture Which Will Be Mounted On A Robot

A private company has said that it needs real human faces for its humanoid robots (humanoids).

In London, a company based in London, Geomak, is working on a human-made robot that will do different things for the sick, patients and the elderly. That’s why real human faces are needed, which will be 3D duplicated and applied to the robot.

After giving a lot of thought to the matter, you can send your face-to-face rights to the company and you can get up to $ 130,000 in cash, up to two million rupees. This company needs warm and friendly human faces. The company plans to build thousands of helpful robots.

It will get a virtual friendly status for older people, and these robots will be developed next year and sold at expensive prices, but many details have not yet been revealed.

The geometric company said on its web patch, “We know this is a weird order, signing a puppy to use your face is a big decision but still a photo of yourself if you’re interested. Can email ‘.

The company has said that further details of the program will be provided in the next phase.

If you would like to give your face impressions to the robot, its details can be seen at this link.

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