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How to get Night Mode Feature on any iPhone

how to get night mode on iphone

how to get night mode on iphone

Last year, Google brings a very useful Night Sight feature which lets users capture some mind-blowing pictures in low light. And finally, the feature is now available for the iPhone as well. Apple introduced the Night Mode feature with the iPhone 11 lineup. And here we found a way by which you can use the Night Sight Feature on older iPhones, you can even use it on iPhone 6 running on iOS 12. Here’s how to get Night Mode Feature on any iPhone.

The Night Mode aka Night Sight Mode is known for some apparent reasons. It helps you in capturing some mind-blowing photos in the night or low light condition. Thanks to Apple for the software implementations, which makes the iPhone’s camera improved by the time and these implementations let you capture shots in night mode.

Now let’s talk about the method by which you can get the night mode feature from iPhone 11 to the older iPhone’s. There are two different ways by which you can get access to the Night Mode feature by using the third-party app or by installing a tweak.

How to Enable Night Mode on any iPhone

We’ve tested both methods on iPhone 6 running on iOS 12 and iPhone 7 Plus on iOS 13. And in both situations, the third-party app work like a charm. So I recommend you to use a third-party app named as Moonlight (which is available on the App Store). It is not as good as the iPhone 11’s dedicated Night Mode but still, you can take some advantage from this app. Here’s how to download & install the app. Advertisement

  • At first, you need to download the Moonlight app on your iPhone from App Store.
  • Once done, Open the app and start capturing.
  • When you hit the shutter button it’ll take 1-3 seconds to capture the image.
  • It would be better if your phone is steady while capturing the image.
  • That’s it.

Now let’s take a look at the side by side comparison of night mode image captured by Moonlight camera app and the stock camera.

Source: YTECHB

The Android users are using the Night Sight feature from a year on their Android phones. As there are many developers available who have ported the Google Camera app for almost every Android smartphone. But thanks to the Moonlight app which brings the night mode taste from iPhone 11 to the older devices.

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