MIUI 11 getting new Student Focused Features

Xiaomi’s latest version of MIUI 11 based on Android 10 is being rolled out to more devices. And so the company is also working on adding more features to it. A new update is reportedly in the works which will bring three new student-focused features.

Focus Mode
Xiaomi is adding focus mode in MIUI 11 which will allow users (mostly students) to restrict themselves from using the smartphone. The new focus mode can be turned on for up to 90 minutes and once the mode is activated, the mode will shut off all features, and users can only make emergency calls or can check pictures.

The focus mode also logs the users’ data to keep them motivated. The feature is available in ‘Screen time management’.

Custom Lock Screen
In the previous update, Xiaomi introduced the dynamic lock screen in MIUI 11. Now Xiaomi users can add custom images, screen patterns, customized text, and emojis to the lock screen. So it’ll help a lot of students they can add their time tables on the lock screen.

Class Schedule or Curriculum Mode
Xiaomi introduced the new feature “Class Schedule” users will integrate this feature into the Mi calendar. The Xiao AI of the calendar will keep a track of all the important commitments including extra-curricular activities and class timings.

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So the new updates for MIUI 11 by Xiaomi are truely students friendly and currently, these features are in the testing phase and there is no word about when users will receive this update. Stay in touch with us for more news on the topic.

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