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Posts published in “Discover Pakistan”

Salt Lamps Of Khewra


Pakistan is world-renowned for its Salt Lamps, made with millions of years old salt crystals mined from the world’s second-largest Himalayan salt mine Khewra. These salt lamps are carefully handcrafted;…

A Love Revolution – Rosie Gabrielle


Let’s start by making a daily practice. Instead of seeing someone on the street, and instinctively labeling them as a “stranger”. Try to open your heart to them. Honor, respect…

Camel Bone Craft


Camel Bone Craft Camel bone craft is one of the most interesting and intricate handicrafts of Pakistan, especially in desert areas, as the came is an animal of these regions.…

Woodwork of Chinot – History


Woodwork of Chinot Chinot is a city in Punjab Pakistan, famous for its intricate woodwork which started hundreds of years ago. Once viewed as a herediatary profession, Chinot woodwork has…

Blue Pottery Of Multan


Multan, Known to us as the city of saints and their shrines, is also famous for its crafts, in particular, pottery. Blue ceramics or glazed pottery called ” Kashikari” has…

Sindhi Ajrak – History


Ajrak is a shawl that originates from the beloved soil of Sindh. Over the years, Ajraks have become an integral part of Sindhi culture and traditions. Employing a unique process…