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Posts published in “Pakistan”

Most searched UN General Assembly Leaders 2019


Google Trends has released the list of most searched UN general assembly leaders on their official twitter account and Presiden Trump is leading the list while the Prime Minister Imran…

The Hidden Facts About Pakistan You need to Know


So the question is ” Is Pakistan A Good Country?” and before answering the good or bad you should know about Pakistan. What Is Pakistan? Pakistan, officially the Islamic Republic…

What is the Nimrita case of Pakistan?


The body of a final year student was recovered from her hostel room of Chandka Medical College, Larkana, on Monday. Larkana Police said that Nimarta Kumari, a student of Bibi…

How to apply for online driving license in Pakistan


So you don’t want to go to government offices for applying for a driving license? don’t worry I’m going to share how you can apply for driving license online in…

Pakistan to launch electric-powered bikes & rickshaws


Ministry of science introduced electric-powered bikes & rikshaws accorss the country. These vehicles will operate on rechargeable batteries and won’t use any fossil fuel. While visiting the Pak­istan Council for…