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Posts published in “Pakistan”

DailyTalkPk The New Social Network For Earning In Pakistan


So there’s one more new social network in the town. The Pakistani company Nayaaam with the collaboration of TNN Media has launched the new social network in Pakistan “Dailytalkpk” where…

The trend of viewing porn videos has decreased, Chairman PTA


Islamabad: The Chairman of the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), Amir Ama Bajwa, said that the tendency for viewing pornographic websites has decreased. Senate’s Standing Committee for Information Technology was held…

How to apply for prime minister youth loan scheme


How to apply for prime minister youth loan scheme  According to State Bank, the application form for the loan can be obtained from the branches and websites of the National…

Pakistan-India World Cup Semifinal is Still Possible


Do you want world cup semi’s between India and Pakistan? There’s still hope for semis between both countries. India and Pakistan have always fired up the fans and generated millions…

The New Income Tax Slabs FTY 2019-20


The Federal Government of Pakistan has announced the budget for the year of 2019-2020 with several new tax adjustments. So here are the income tax slabs for individuals and association…

How to get free $100 ad credit


So do you want to get free ad credit from Facebook? Okay I’ll share the complete method with you how to to get free facebook ad credit in next few…